New Product Marketing Strategy

Our SALES Engine Optimization process gives you a powerful, low cost New Product Marketing Strategy

  1. You can target the best online customers for your new product(s), and the solutions it provides:
    • Pulling in motivated prospects who are looking for the solutions your products provide, even if they don’t even know your products exist.
    • Targeting the most salable and profitable online customers generates vital cash flow, and their responses guide your marketing
    • You build your word-of-mouth and brand by targeting those customers who will be the most satisfy-able. The best way to satisfy a customer is to use Sweet Spots to choose those who already want what your new products and services do.
  2. You can craft your new product’s and service’s features and benefits descriptions to each customer group’s needs:
    • When you created your new product, you had prospective customers’ needs in mind. Often, there are different prospect groups looking for the same products and services, but for different solutions.
    • With your Demand Landscape, you will know all the markets for what you offer, and craft your marketing and offers for each group of Sweet Spot prospects.
  3. You will know what to feature to pull in and sell to online prospects who are searching for what your new product offers.
    • Your new product’s customer-targeting Market Demand Landscape and Prospect Sweet Spots report your best prospects by their behavioral search data – and no one lies to a search engine.
    • This is directly actionable – not ‘a study on a shelf’. You will know the exact keywords to pull them in, and the products, services, solutions and benefits to feature to sell them what they already want.

Every business is different. Interested? Go to Search Engine Marketing Strategy to see how our SALES Engine Optimization informs your product development and targets and delivers your best customers, or contact us for a personal consult and tour.

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