Small Business Online Marketing

Online Marketing for a Small Business can seem like a David vs. Goliath endeavor. You’ve got winning products, services and solutions, but the economics of pulling in the right sales are a challenge. How do you know exactly what to offer? How do you market against businesses with bigger budgets? How do you achieve streams of customer cash flow and higher margins? How do you stand out and build your winning brand against bigger competitors?

SALES Engine Optimization

Our game-changing search engine marketing strategy customer-targeting process can work like ju-jitsu for you, identifying your best markets, prospects and sales, and identifying where you can be strong vs. your larger competition. Customer-targeting isn’t new, but being able to identify market demand, knowing the exact right keywords and having optimization advantages ‘by the numbers’ is new, and changes the whole equation.

Taking it one at a time:

How do you know exactly what to offer?

Within your concept, it’s not what you want to sell, it’s what your prospects need to buy. You have to know all the online markets you could sell to. You have to know what your prospects’ precise demand is, and what their numbers are. What content, solutions and benefits should you feature? Sounds overwhelming? Our SALES Engine Optimization pulls it all together. Start by seeing; Grow Your Business Online.

How do you advertise for better prospects and sales against established businesses with bigger budgets?

Which are the keywords that will give you the best prospects with the lowest online competition and cost? What content will be most compelling, and convert prospects to sales? How do you make the best use of search optimization and Pay-Per-Click? See: How to Target Good Online Customers

How do you stand out and build brand against bigger competitors?

Reputation, word-of-mouth and brand come from happy customers telling others. So, how do you generate those customers who will be most satisfied? Money is silver, but satisfied customers are gold! See New Product Marketing Strategy

Our customer-targeting Market Demand Landscape, Prospect Sweet Spots and Search Engine Marketing Strategy give you the intel to make it happen. You will target your best prospects – salable, profitable and satisfy-able – in 30 days, and know the keywords, structure and content to make it happen.

Every business is different. Go to Search Engine Marketing Strategy to see how our SALES Engine Optimization process targets and delivers your best customers, or contact us for a personal consult and tour.

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