How do I find my Best Keywords for Search Engine Optimization?

The best keyword research targets the prospects to sell to for your business. It’s the Voice Of Your Customers, telling you what they want – and no one lies to a search engine.

Here’s how: Every Search Engine Marketing Strategy guru will tell you (correctly!) that choosing the best Keywords for Search Engine Optimization is vital, but…

  • No one tells you how to do it, and…
  • The path is lengthy and costly trial and error, which also requires continual website navigation and content redo’s.

The end result is to leave this vital first step to the client – who choose the wrong keywords 50% to 75% of the time – and then blame the client’s keyword choices when results are disappointing.  THAT’s NOT FAIR or PRODUCTIVE!

The answer is to have a process and a search engine marketing strategy that starts by targeting your prospects by their needs:

  • Keywords are created by prospects to find what they already want, motivated by their own lives and businesses for a specific need.
  • Keywords are telling you the products, services or solutions they want, in their own voice.
  • Moreover:
    • A prospect is any person or business that is searching for something you can provide, even if they don’t know about you (often this is surprising)
    • Longer keywords (3 words or longer) better define the prospects’ needs and motivation, and describe better want they want.
    • You can choose your best prospects by the keywords they are using to search
    • Conversions are higher when you pull in prospects by what they already want and sell to them what they are searching for.

So, then the answer is to aggregate and then distill relevant keyword searches so you can choose the best prospects searching for what you offer.

How can we do that?

Instead of imagining your prospects and assuming their keywords, our game-changing search engine marketing strategy and (patent pending) program enables you to choose your best prospects – and the keywords they are using to search.

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