The best Search Engine Optimization Marketing is the one that gets you the most and best prospects, and converts them to customers.

Step #4 – Customer Optimization

in “How to Find and Target Good Customers” we described Prospect Sweet Spots – how they access more decided and motivated prospects, and show you what and how to sell to them, by having the exact keywords to pull them in.

  • More customers, because you are optimizing to get multiple streams of actionable, decided and motivated prospects
  • Better customers, because your Sweet Spots enable you to choose those that are the most salable, profitable and satisfy-able.

We call it “Customer Optimization” – optimizing using Sweet Spots to pull in the best prospects and featuring to each the relevant products, services and benefits they want to convert them to customers.

“Customer-Optimization” solves and combines two vital functions:

  • Optimizing to improve your search engine rankings to pull in your best prospects when they are actively searching.
    • Using Pay-Per-Click advertising
    • Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Optimizing and managing website content for your products, services and solutions so your chosen prospects find just what they are looking for
    • To multiply your streams of chosen Sweet Spot prospects
    • To convert prospects to customers.

Your chosen Prospect Sweet Spots tell you the exact keywords to use, and give you every search engine optimization and marketing advantage – and we help you make the most of them:

  • Adding Sweet Spots multiplies your streams of prospects with its own optimized Landing Pages, content pages and calls-to-action
  • You know the voice of the customer content to feature on every page
  • You chose your most salable prospects by their searches so you know the exact products, services and solutions to convert prospects to customers

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