Commonsense Process for Targeting Good Online Customers:

Which prospects are most worth getting? Prospects qualify themselves by the keywords they create to search specifically for what they want. Our commonsense SALES Engine Optimization (patent pending) process enables targeting and choosing all your best online prospects by their keyword searches and converting them to customers in 4 easy steps:

Step #1: Your input – a 2 to 4 hour brainstorm session (under Mutual NDA) where we guide you to tell us everything about what you want to sell, the markets you want to be in, the customers you would like to get and the solutions they are looking for, how your products and services are sold, any barriers to sale, who your customers are, what marketing you are doing and how it is working, etc.

Step #2: We Produce your Market Demand Landscape – From your input, we build a Demand Landscape for you that finds and lists every keyword search (Google’s data) for everything you may want to offer or sell. Typically this runs  10,000 – 50,000 keywords. This way, no market you could have is left out. The numbers of searches for any product, service or solution you could offer tells us its real-time market demand. This is the best actionable, most authoritative real-time market demand landscape you can get.

Step #3: We Produce your Prospect Sweet Spots  – From your Market Demand Landscape we aggregate together all closely related keyword searches, totaling their combined search demand. Our program (patent pending) finds and aggregates your Prospect Sweet Spots from thousands of possible keyword searches, using millions of computations. We also estimate the search competition for each chosen Sweet Spot’s keywords for the most advantageous search engine optimization marketing.

Typically we find 40 to 80 or more Prospect Sweet Spots, comprised of longer 3, 4 and 5 word keywords. Prospects entering longer keywords are more decided and motivated in what they want, are telling you what they want to get, and have higher conversions to customers.

Your Sweet Spots enable you to choose your best online prospects by what they want – and no one lies to a search engine. Your Prospect Sweet Spots give you game-changing selling advantages:

  • Their keywords tell you exactly what these prospects want to find, in their own voice, and by their behavioral numbers
  • You choose all the Sweet Spot prospects that are the most salable, profitable and satisfy-able for your business
  • You know exactly the keywords to use to pull them in, and the content – products, services and solutions – to feature to them to convert them to customers or triple-qualified leads

Techie Stuff: Our SALES Engine Optimization program finds ALL the relevant keyword searches, typically 10,000 to 100,000+, then sort through millions of combinations, boiled down to “Best Keyword Sweet Spots”. It’s big data for real-time prospects.

Step #4: We guide your Customer Optimization – Please go to: Customer Targeted Optimization

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