Targeting the Best Prospects and Their Demand, our SALES Engine Optimization (patent pending) Gives You Game-Changing Business Advantages

  1. Getting 5x to 10X good prospects, sales and qualified leads gives you game-changing profit and cash flow to work with.
  2. Unlike analytics, tells you the business you are NOT getting – Identifies promising new markets
  3. Monetizes your competitive advantages – by choosing the prospects searching for what you are best at
  4. Identifies the solutions prospects are searching for – even if they don’t know your products and services exist. Solutions selling makes you a ‘partner’ instead of a commodity.
  5. Immediately actionable online – you know the keywords your chosen prospects are searching with
  6. Guides better content and offer management – you know what your chosen prospects want to see
  7. Lowers Customer Acquisition Cost – better conversions at less cost
  8. Builds Cash Flow – targets buying customers in down markets
  9. Puts more strength on your side– you choose the prospects that are your most saleable, profitable and satisfy-able for where you want your business to go.
  10. Better sales follow-up, in-house databases and analysis – from true triple qualified leads
  11. Supports market value for acquisitions, spinoffs, investments – establishes a basis the ‘hockey stick, and can save break-even companies
  12. MUCH better SEO using higher conversion and lower competition keywords
  13. Supports ‘Problem Child’ and Brand-Extension marketing
  14. Enables an incremental, self-funding strategy – no more “ready, fire, aim”, no need to ‘bet the ranch’

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