Cruise Offers by Market Segmentation:

In developing an exhaustive Demand Landscape and Prospect Sweet Spots for a major Caribbean cruise line, we determined prospective customers were grouping themselves into 4 major demand groups:

  • Singles and honeymooners
  • Families with children
  • Seniors
  • Company meetings

These 4 groups had two things in common:

  • They all wanted different amenities on the boat, such as late vs. early seatings, shopping vs. family excursions, adjoining staterooms vs. privacy, use of the auditorium for travelogues vs. corporate meetings, etc.
  • None of them wanted to be on the boat with the other groups.

So, why send the same brochure packages to each? Why optimize to them so all come to the same Home Page? And ultimately, why put them all on the same boat?

By doing the Demand Landscape and Sweet Spots, the cruise line had a significantly better sales, ROI and online lead generation. Moreover, they were able to target their offerings to radically increasing customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

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