Website Content Management

Once you choose your prospects by what they are searching for, website content management is the most vital component of customer conversions, and it’s also the hardest for companies to do for themselves.

You are building your website for your customers, and your prospects’ keywords are telling you what they need to see!

  • The keywords your chosen Sweet Spot prospects are using to search are the voice of your customers telling you the topics and content they want to see.
    • Choosing your most salable prospects, means you are choosing those searching where you are an expert, and have lots of high-value information to present.
    • Content is not just text – it includes the service descriptions, product specs, solutions, whitepapers, videos, diagrams, case studies, etc. whatever will help your chosen prospects find what they need.
  • Generally websites fight to get traffic.  This typically requires optimizing with the shortest keywords – which have the most traffic, but the least decided searchers and the lowest percentage of conversions.
    • The more general your content is to pull in the most traffic, the less it will meet the needs of your motivated and decided buyers.
    • Optimizing with longer keywords that target prospects produces higher percentages of conversions.  Also, longer keywords also have the least competition for improving search engine rankings.
    • The keywords your chosen prospects are using tell you the topics they want to see, so working their relevant keywords for search engine optimization marketing is easy.
  • With our prospect-targeting Search Engine Marketing Strategy, content and search optimization work together because the content supports your keyword optimization, improving your search engine rankings and customer conversions

Our SALES Engine Optimization targets your best prospects, and guides your content to make it happen. Or, we will introduce you to web content professionals who will get the job done.Start Improving Your Website Content Management Today

Start Improving Your Website Content Management Today