Web Design for Search Engine Optimization

Nobody creates well in a vacuum – the more prospect and content information you can give your web designers, the better they can optimize to get more customers.

Knowing the Sweet Spot keywords that your chosen prospects are searching with will tell your marketers and designers much that they need to know:

  • Who are your prospects, what motivates them, and what are they looking for?
  • What are the keyword topics and content to use?
  • What do you feature to these prospects to convert them to customers?
  • What are you specifically and generally ‘about’ (Mission / Branding / Image)?

More technically, knowing your ‘voice of the customer’ Sweet Spot keywords will enable constructing or updating your Web Design for Search Engine Optimization.

  • Keyword topics to organize your navigation, directory structure and sitemaps.
  • Feature keyword links in drop-down menus for first and second tier content pages
  • Keyworded page titles and subtitles
  • Keyworded anchor links between pages
  • Use your main website to present your general brand, credentials, mission, ‘about us’, ‘contact us’, case studies, etc., telling your chosen prospects the have come to the right place.

In addition, make sure your website paths are clear and simple so your Sweet Spot prospects can get to what they want in 2 clicks.

The above outlines the basic structure and creative information to maximize Web Design for Search Engine Optimization to pull in chosen prospects by their keyword searches, to feature the content each is looking for, and to convert them to customers.  Our SALES Engine Optimization process (patent pending) pulls it all together and makes it simple. We will be happy to work with your web developers, or to recommend excellent website designers, developers and integrated marketers to you.

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