Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

It’s not about traffic – It’s about customers!

Would you trade half your traffic if you could double your sales? Every company says “YES!”

Getting top search engine placements should be about getting prospects – active, decided and motivated- not ‘tourist’ traffic. Our Customer-Centric search engine marketing strategy and website content management work together to generate online leads and sales that are 5X to 10X better than the internet average.

How our SALES Engine Optimization program (patent pending) supports and improves search engine rankings:

  • The search engines want to give you top rankings if you are delivering the top optimized value to users searching with that keyword.
    • You know the exact Sweet Spot keywords your chosen prospects are using to search.
    • You chose the Sweet Spot keywords that describe what you are expert in, so you know and have the most relevant products, services, solutions and content information to offer
    • The best prospects use longer keywords, so you face fewer websites competing for top rankings

How choosing Sweet Spot keywords increases your prospects and improves customer conversions:

  • Prospects searching with longer keywords are more decided on what they want, are more motivated, and are telling you what they need to find.
    • Longer keywords tell you specifically what those prospects want, so you know the content to feature to each.
    • You are choosing your most salable prospects by what you are an expert in, so you already have a wealth of high value content for optimization.

Using Prospect Sweet Spots finds your best keywords for search engine optimization and puts all the advantages for improving search engine ranking on your side. You are choosing your best prospects, pulling them in by their own keywords, and converting them to customers to get what they already want. And our SALES Engine Optimization makes it all work together.

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