Increase Your Ecommerce Online Sales.

Ecommerce is the most direct way to sell. The results are instantly recorded and available, demonstrating how powerful our SALES Engine Optimization (patent pending) customer-targeting process is.

Here’s the process:

  • Our Market Demand Landscape and Prospect Sweet Spots enable you to target your prospects by the products, services and solutions they are looking for, including those you could be offering. This will tell you:
    • The amount of online demand, by item
    • All your items and solutions by their salability and profitability
    • Which prospects are most worth getting
    • Locates the keywords your best prospects are using to search
  • With your targeted Sweet Spots, pulling in your chosen prospects and converting them to customers by featuring to each what they want is easy.
    • Create a Landing Page with information, solutions and offers targeted to each Sweet Spot’s prospects.
    • Add pages for each product with the content those prospects want to see,
    • Working together, each Sweet Spot’s Landing Pages and product pages become a micro-site, optimized to get its own top search placement. You can use the same SKU’s and photos in multiple micro-sites, but with differing keyworded descriptions for each.
  • You can also use this intel for:
    • Cross-selling and upselling
    • Identifying your competitive advantages
    • Making your content more compelling
    • Managing inventories
    • Building and extending your recommendations, word-of-mouth and brand

How to Increase Online Sales for ecommerce is a topic that includes business, website technology, analytics and marketing skills.  Each ecommerce website is special. Please contact us to discuss how our customer-targeting can boost yours.

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