The next step: SALES Engine Optimization


Are you happy with SEO if it doesn’t locate your best prospects, and show you how to convert them to customers?

SALES Engine Optimization redefines search engine optimization by providing an integrated online marketing solution and doing things SEO can’t:

How can we do this? Our SALES Engine Optimization process (patent pending) works from a proven prospect-targeting strategy, rather than from SEO traffic-centric assumptions:

SEO assumes that “targeting traffic equals more sales”. This typically produces only 1% to 3% conversions from website traffic, a 97% failure rate – the same as for cold calling. This leaves companies fighting for low-yield online traffic, with no way to know or choose their best prospects, or to project ROI by keyword.

Something wasn’t right, but up until now, SEO is all we’ve had…

Instead of assuming traffic = sales, our online marketing solution works backwards from “What Makes a Sale”. Very simply:

  • Sales comes from prospects finding what they want, how and when they want it.
  • By the time they search, the prospects worth having have decided 50% to 70% what they want, motivated by their own lives and businesses.
  • So, if you can’t sell to prospects what they don’t want…
  • Why not target those prospects who are already searching for what you offer?

Our proven SALES Engine Optimization online marketing solution does just that: Here’s how

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