The Math & The Magic

Getting 5X to 10X the qualified prospects

How does our SALES Engine Optimization (patent pending) do this?

In any ‘lead’ list or web visitors from traffic, only 5% to 10% are actively interested at a given time. Grouping these together by their searches creates Prospect Sweet Spots. The rest we call “tourists”.

Our Search Engine Marketing Strategy changes the ‘traffic game’ by targeting the 10% who are actively interested, filtering out the ‘tourists’. and delivering the best as Prospect Sweet Spots that are worth optimizing your website for.

math-magic-chart3You can choose all the Prospect Sweet Spots you want, each pulling in its stream of actively interested prospects. If you optimize for 10 Sweet Spots, you get 10X the prospect quality and quantity.

Multiplying your Prospect Sweet Spots you can best sell to gives you 5X to 10X the quality and conversions. And, you lose none of the Home Page traffic and visitors you already have.

In addition, because the keywords they are using to search tell you what each stream of prospects wants,:

  • You have chosen those that are best for your company, and…
  • You can optimize with their own keywords, and…
  • You are pulling them in by what they are searching for, and…
  • You are converting them to customers by featuring to them what they already want.

10X more & better prospects = 10X more & better customers and online lead generation

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