Starting from ‘How to Target Good Online Customers’ makes it all simple…

It’s commonsense: The keywords that people and businesses create to search tell you what they are already looking for. You can get the customers you want by choosing prospects from their keyword searches. Because our process works on every stage from targeting online prospects to pulling them in and converting them to customers, we call it “SALES Engine Optimization”.

Any person or business searching for what you can provide is a potential prospect:.

  • The longer the keyword they have created, the more deicided and motivated they are to act.
  • The numbers of searches for that keyword tell you the real-time demand.
  • Aggregating related keyword searches together into Prospect Sweet Spots enables choosing good prospects – those that are the most salable, profitable and satisfy-able.
  • It’s real-time, directly actionable behavioral market data

Our strategy and process (patent pending) targets the best online prospects for nearly any business, and gives game-changing advantages:

  • Tells you exactly the keywords to use to bring them in
  • The keywords they are searching with tell you what they need to find to convert them to customers.
  • Longer keywords have less competition and are easier to optimize for Pay-Per-Click ads and SEO.
  • Enables a common sense, incremental search engine marketing strategy that pays for itself every step of the way

Our proven online marketing solution delivers 5X to 10X the prospects, online lead generation and customer conversions – at your current sales cost! Think of what that means!

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