How to Get More Customers Online

The problem: Typically, websites try to get maximum traffic, and then leave those visitors to find what they want from what is offered. What you want are customers, while this is “Spray and Pray” marketing.

Building 3 successful businesses that helpied hundreds’ of companies with their sales and marketing objectives has led us to these conclusions:

  • The internet should be the greatest sales and marketing engine ever, but it averages 1% to 3% conversions – a 97% failure rate.
  • To cure this, start from “What makes a sale?” instead of fighting for traffic

The Answer: Choose your customers by what they already want!

Sales come from customers, not traffic.  Typically, most traffic is ‘tourists’ who SHOULD want what you offer. Conversely, customers are searchers who are finding what they DO want, and who are motivated and more ready to act. So why not choose those customers who are already searching for what you offer? Here’s how:

  • The keywords that customers create to search tell you the products, services and solutions they DO WANT.  The longer the keywords they create to search, the more decided and motivated they are to act.
  • Knowing what they want enables us to group and target those customers who are searching for what you offer. Then you choose the best for your company:
    • The most salable against competition
    • The most profitable for your company, with estimated ROI
    • The most satisfy-able, searching for the products, services and solutions where you are an expert, and who will be retained
    • With significant market-demand numbers
  • Choosing multiple groups who already want what you offer gives you multiple streams of customers, sales and qualified leads

Our customer-targeting program (patent pending) and Sales Engine Optimization process delivers Customer-Targeting in 30 days, and works with you every step of the way to pull in more and better customers and multiply your sales.

Solve these frustrating drawbacks from chasing traffic and “Spray and Pray” online marketing:

  • You don’t know all or best customer groups to get, or the sizes of their markets
  • You are asked to assume, but can not know the best keywords to optimize with
  • You don’t know what features, benefits and solutions each customer group is looking for, or what content to create.  Not knowing this makes you just another commodity supplier, not a value-add partner.
  • You don’t know which or how many customers you are NOT getting, or what markets you are missing
  • You don’t have the qualified demand numbers to project ROI by customer group, and so cannot budget or manage effectively
  •  An average 97% sales and lead generation failure rate, with damage to your brand

Sound familiar? Would you tolerate this from any other business or sales process?

The Bottom-Line:

By using our customer-targeting program, everyone wins:

  • You get more and better customers
  • Your customers get their best solutions
  • The search engines improve their value

The result? 5X to 10X more and better customers, sales and lead generation, with better targeting and profits.

Contact us for your free customer-targeting consult for your business, and start getting more customers today