Start With Triple Qualified Leads

Suppose you were generating inbound sales leads, who were asking for exactly what you offer, and telling you what they need? Suppose you could start with triple qualified leads, with faster results and better quality, with 5X to 10X the sales?

Here’s how our SALES Engine Optimization (patent pending) pre-targets your best prospects and generates Triple Qualified Online Leads:

  1. Pre-qualifies your most salable, profitable and satisfy-able prospects:
    • First, we do a Market Demand Landscape which identifies all the keyword searches and online demand numbers for the products, services and solutions you provide, or would like to.
    • The keywords prospects create to search tell you specifically what they are looking for – and no one lies to a search engine.
  2. Next, we aggregate all related searches into Prospect Sweet Spots, which let you choose ALL those Sweet Spot Prospects that would be good customers for your business – the most salable, profitable and satisfy-able, with their total search demand numbers.
  3. From your chosen Prospect Sweet Spots, we consult with you to build customer-optimized Landing Pages and supporting content pages featuring the values and information each stream of prospects is looking for.
    • We guide your optimization and website content management to get top search engine positions for each chosen Sweet Spot, to pull them in when they are interested and motivated, and to sell to them what they already want.
    • Each page has a Call-To-Action for the prospect to respond, identifying themselves to get what they want.

The Result: You have multiple Sweet Spot Landing Pages, each optimized to pull in its stream of chosen prospects by what they want, with the products, services and solutions they are already looking for – and generating more online leads.

Start Generating More Leads Online today