Turn your website into an Online Sales and Lead Generator

To generate high quality online sales and leads, you need to locate good prospects, think like a customer and act like a search engine.  Our SALES Engine Optimization (patent pending) does just that.

By developing your Market Demand Landscape and Prospect Sweet Spots, we work backwards from what your prospects are searching for to target your best sales. Then we consult to turn your website into a proactive online sales and lead generator.

With our game-changing search engine marketing strategy, your website will work 24/7 to proactively deliver a consistent stream of sales and qualified leads. Oh, and because we locate your best prospects, think like customers and act like search engines, your online sales and lead generator only needs to be updated as your markets change.

Prospect Sweet Spots are the key component here, and what makes content, optimization and tracking work together for a true online marketing solution.

First we identify your Prospect Sweet Spots from your Market Demand Landscape choices. You choose your best prospects by what they need – their searches. Then we work with you to add a Landing Page and content pages for each chosen Sweet Spot, customer-optimized so each gets top placements and funnels its stream of prospects to the products, services and solutions they are searching for, with calls-to-action to prompt them to respond to get what they already want. The result – triple qualified lead generation.

Since we know what each wants, where they landed, and the paths they took, we can track your online sales and lead generation closely and continually improve your website conversion rates.

The Result: an Online Sales Lead Generator that gets 5X to 10X triple qualified leads and conversions, and keeps delivering the streams of qualified leads and sales you want.

Start Generating More Leads Online today