Prospect Sweet Spots Put Your Lead Nurturing on Steroids with Triple-Qualified-Leads

The main reason prospects don’t buy when they find what they want is “It’s not the right time.”  Then it’s a matter of following up until they are ‘sales ready’.  Look at the advantages combining Sweet Spots and Customer Optimization gives you:

Customer Optimization means setting up a Landing Page with supporting content pages for each stream of Sweet Spot prospects.  Because each Landing Page gets its own prospect stream, you know exactly what those prospects want, and how to feature it to them.

Then, your online lead generation is triple qualified:

  1. These are prospects searching in markets you selected, and…
  2. Then, they are further qualified by being in your most salable Sweet Spots, and…
  3. They have responded for contact or downloads, giving their contact information.

Using Customer Optimization, their Call-To-Action identifies the page they responded from, so you know what they want, you are ‘about the customer’, and can provide expert solutions where they will be valued.

These are truly qualified prospects, decided on what they want, motivated to act, and responding for contact.  And, your company is saving by avoiding dead-ends.

Our prospect targeting and online sales lead generation differs from Big Data and lead list services because these derive ‘suspects’ from demographic histories and profiles, where only a small percentage are interested at any one time (and you have to fight to find them).  In contrast, our SALES Engine Optimization process targets your chosen, already interested prospects, who have searched and responded, who are motivated, self-identified and telling you what they want.

The bottom line – the higher the quality of your leads and the more relevant your follow-up, the greater your profits and lower your Customer Acquisition Cost will be.

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