Start Increasing Your Online Sales NOW!

  • You’ve lost time and money with NO REAL INCREASE IN REVENUES
  • You’ve tried Search Engine Marketing firms with NO TRACKABLE SALES INCREASES
  • You’ve lost months with NO END IN SIGHT
  • You need online sales for a new division, product or service, and SEE NO WAY TO GET THEM?

Here’s why your online sales are so hard to get:  The accepted strategy is to go after traffic, because “more eyeballs equal more sales” seems intuitive.  It is, but for billboards and television, not the internet. So you end up chasing traffic with high costs and very low conversions – a good online conversion average is 1% to 3% = 97% failure.  Your real costs are even higher – losing the 5X to 10X good customers you should be getting.

Here’s the answer – To get 5X to 10X more and better sales, you need to get 5X to 10X more and better customers! 

It sounds obvious and simple, doesn’t it? Customers are the 5% that are searching for what they DO need in their own lives and businesses. The other 95% are ‘tourists’, prospects and visitors who perhaps SHOULD need what you offer, but not now. By targeting the customers you can best sell to, you multiply your sales!  But it takes a ‘business head’ to create a system that sorts  out and delivers customers.

By filtering and targeting those “Sweet Spots” of customers who are most decided, motivated and ready-to-act, companies like yours are getting those customers that are their most salable, profitable and satisfy-able, and multiplying their customers, leads and sales 5X to 10X!

Is seeing real customer-targeting interesting enough to spend 20 minutes?

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Your website should act like a 24/7 New Business Director, proactively targeting new customers and pulling them in.

By targeting more and better real customers, our clients are seeing:

5X to 10X plus customers, sales and triple-qualified leads:

  • Customers who are decided, motivated, and ready to act
  • Customers who already want the products, services and solutions you offer
  • Identifying profitable new markets
  • Customers with lower competition, more sales and higher profits
  • With game-changing business advantages

A company selling moisture-wicking tee shirts, underwear and sleepwear was getting ‘killed’ by Under-Armour.  They had tried SEO, Pay-Per-Click and affiliate marketing, but none worked well enough. By targeting their traditional online customers’ searches, we found  that prospects were also searching for solutions like “perspiration comfort”.  Our solutions’ search found new customers for “hot flashes and night sweats, “camping” and “hot & cold occupations”. Their sales  increased 40% the first year, and kept building after that.

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So, choose your customers by what they already want and are searching for!

Choosing your customers by what they are searching for, pulls in those streams of customers who have real needs, are directly actionable, and that DO want to buy.

  • Shows you the total search demand for each product, service and solution you offer – all the markets and sales you are not getting.
  • Gives you the simple data to choose those customers who are the most salable, profitable and satisfy-able for your business
  • You know what each stream wants, so you know what to feature to each. By pulling in multiple streams, you boost customers, leads, sales- and profits.

Instead of fighting for low-conversion traffic, our  program (patent-pending) enables your company to see and choose ALL your online customers by what they are already searching for, and know ‘their keywords’ that will pull-them in.

Targeting and choosing your best customers by what they want gives a proven online marketing solution that works, makes business sense, and gives game-changing businss advantages.

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